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Hispanic Student Association Constitution

Article 1 - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Hispanic Student Association.


Article 2 - Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the association shall be as follows:

  1. To establish a context for shared experiences among Hispanic Students

  2. To increase university awareness of the Hispanic presence on campus

  3. To organize and coordinate various activities for the club, university community, and town. Examples include a mentoring program for new Hispanic students, a resource center housed in the Equity Office, a Hispanic heritage festival, and volunteer and networking programs with similar organizations.


Article 3 - Membership Requirements and Responsibilities

The membership of this association shall consist of three types: regular, alumni and associate, and honorary:

  1. General members

    1. Shall be currently enrolled students of Appalachian State University

    2. Shall express an interest in learning about Hispanic culture(s)

    3. Shall actively participate in Hispanic Student Association activities

  2. Alumni and associate members

    1. Shall include faculty, staff, alumni, local citizens, and other interested persons

  3. Honorary members

    1. Shall include speakers, faculty members, and others who have profoundly contributed to the betterment of the organization


Article 4 - Officers, Duties, and Voting

4.01 Officers

The Executive Board of the Hispanic Student Association shall be:

  1. President

  2. Vice President

  3. Treasurer

  4. Secretary

  5. Historian

  6. Community Service (2)

  7. Publicity (2)

  8. Freshman Representatives (2-4)


  1.  Eligibility

  2. Shall have and maintain a 2.5 GPA at time of election and throughout term(s)

  3. Shall show interest in Hispanic culture and a commitment to the purpose and objectives of the organization.

  4. Shall be a paid member of the organization for at least one (1) semester before running for an Executive Board position.


4.03 Officer Duties

  1. President

    1. Shall oversee all operations of the Hispanic Student Association

    2. Shall see that Hispanic Student Association projects and activities are properly and efficiently carried out by delegating tasks accordingly

    3. Shall serve as the main spokesperson for the the Hispanic Student Association and represent the organization on all official matters

    4. Serve as co-signer for all official Hispanic Student Association checks

    5. Shall set agenda for weekly Executive and General Body meetings

    6. Shall conduct Executive and General Body meetings

    7. Shall set meeting times and places for Executive and General Body meetings

    8. Shall meet regularly with other officers and committee chairpersons


  1. Vice-President

    1. Shall assist the President in the performance of duties and perform the duties of the President in their absence or in their inability to serve

    2. Shall oversee committee activities, collect reports from committee heads, and report such activity to the President

    3. Shall ensure that a representative of the Hispanic Student Association Executive board is in attendance at any required meetings set by the Office of Multicultural Student Development as a liaison and spokesperson for the Hispanic Student Association


  1. Secretary

    1. Shall keep accurate role of the active members of the organization

    2. Shall keep accurate attendance records of Executive and General Body meetings and all club sponsored activities

    3. Shall send out weekly e-mails to organization members informing them of special events and upcoming meeting times/locations

    4. Shall have minutes typed and accessible to all Executive members within 48 hours of the last Executive meeting and keep a record of minutes from previous Executive meetings and all correspondences, i.e. Keep track of the organization’s e-mail account

    5. Shall present important correspondences at weekly Executive meetings or as soon as possible if time sensitive information

    6. Shall be responsible for checking the organization’s mailbox in Club Hub weekly

    7. Shall assist the Historian in keeping an accurate record of club sponsored events


  1. Treasurer

    1. Shall be responsible for the supervision of all of the organization’s finances

    2. Shall maintain an up-to-date record of the organization’s finances

    3. Shall have their name on all financial accounts associated with the organization

    4. Shall collect all member dues and issue receipts

    5. Shall deposit all club funds into appropriate accounts

    6. Shall co-sign all checks to cover the organization’s debts 

    7. Shall obtain signatures from the President on all withdrawals from the organization’s account

    8. Shall approve all possible expenditures of the organization and advise the Executive Board in regards to finances

    9. Shall be in attendance any time the organization’s money is spent

    10. Shall serve as head of the Fundraising Committee if/when President names the committee


  1. Historian

    1. Shall maintain an up-to-date record of all media related to the organization

    2. Shall have access to all social media platforms associated with the organization

    3. Shall be responsible for keeping all social media platforms associated with the organization up to date. This includes, but is not limited to the organization’s; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat


  1. Publicity (2)

    1. Shall be in charge of all Publicity for events hosted, sponsored, or co-sponsored by the organization

    2. Shall work collectively to promote all events hosted, sponsored, or co-sponsored by the organization

    3. Shall work collectively to create advertisements and promotions for all events hosted, sponsored, or co-sponsored by the organization. This includes, but is not limited to; posters/fliers, graphics, banners, and social media posts.

    4. Shall make sure advertisements and promotions have been properly distributed to the appropriate offices and organizations on campus

    5. Shall have all promotional materials completed and approved by the Executive Board a minimum of two (2) weeks prior to the date of the event being promoted

    6. Shall be responsible for collaborating with President and Advisor to book venues for all club sponsored events

    7. Shall head the Social Activities committee if/when President names the committee


  1. Community Outreach (2)

    1. Shall divide responsibilities as deemed fit by the two Executive members

    2. Shall remain in contact with other multicultural organizations on campus

    3. Shall remain in contact with other Hispanic organizations within the community and at other universities

    4. Shall be in charge of creating and organizing at least one (1) community service activity per semester with the approval of the Executive Board

    5. Shall head the Recruitment Committee if/when President names the committee

H. Freshman Representative (2-4)

a) Shall be in charge of creating and organizing at least one (1) event aimed at the freshman class per semester

b) Shall observe and assists other Executive Board positions 


4.04 Elections

Elections of the Hispanic Student Association officers shall be conducted under the following guidelines:

  1. The operational year shall be from August 1st through May 10th.

  2. Applications to apply for the Executive Board will be released no later than the fourth to last meeting of the semester.

  3. Applications will be done online through AppSync.

  4. If any information on the application is found to have been knowingly falsified, the application will be removed from consideration for the semester.  

  5. The current Executive Board shall be in charge of unanimously choosing the new President

  6. Only members of the current Executive Board who have severed for the entirety of that school year (fall and spring semester) may be eligible for the positions of President and Vice President 

  7. If only 2 Executive members are returning, the member who was not chosen as President will become Vice President

    1. In the event that there is only one returning Executive Board member, they will automatically be given the position of President. 

    2. In this event requirement of having previous Executive Board experience will be lifted for the position of Vice President


  1.  Executive Board Member Removal

  2. Immediate removal from office may be warranted for the following reasons: 

  3. Blatant disregard for the Hispanic Student Association’s constitution and/or policies and procedures set forth by the university

  4. If more than one (1) executive board meetings or one (1) club sponsored event are not attended without being excused by the President 24 hours prior

  5. If the duties and responsibilities of the office are not being fully met

  6. If grades fall below the required grade point average of 2.5


  1. Officers can be removed by unanimous vote by the Executive Board or by 2/3 vote of the General Body. 

  2. If at any time members have problems or concerns with any officer, they are to address their concerns to someone on the Executive Board or the organization’s advisor. The concerns will be brought with the officer and suggestions will be given for fostering better communication and relations with the group.


  1.  Officer Resignation

In the event that an officer must resign from their position before the end of their term, they must deliver a letter to the Executive Board of the Hispanic Student Association two (2) weeks prior to leaving office. After this, the designated election process will take place.


4.07 Executive Board Member Term Limitations

  1. Officers shall serve only two year-long terms

  2. Exceptions shall only be made in the event that there will be no returning executive board members at the end of the operational year. In this case, the current board shall unanimously decide on two board members to serve as President and Vice President for the following operational year.


Article 5 - Committees

  1. The Fundraising Committee shall organize all organization’s fund-raising activities.

  2. The Recruitment Committee shall organize participation in campus-wide recruitment efforts.

  3. The Social Activities Committee shall organize club events for the enjoyment of members and for the sharing of Hispanic cultures and traditions.

  4. Other committees shall be formed as needs are determined.


Article 6 - Faculty Advisors

  1. Shall attend an Executive Board or General Body meeting every week unless prior engagements or emergency situations interfere. 

  2. Shall act as the organization’s faculty representative, university liaison, and advisor to student members of the organization.


Article 7 – Meetings

7.01 Meeting Schedule 

  1. The first meeting shall be held within the first month of each semester. Thereafter, meetings shall be held once a week during the operational year.

    1. Meetings may be cancelled by the President with the approval of the Executive Board in lieu of another event sponsored by the organization

  2. The dates and times shall be set by the President 


  1. Attendance Rules


  1. Elected officers are required to be attend all general body meetings and club sponsored events unless they have asked to be excused 24-hours prior to the event.

  2. Constant tardiness or more than one unexcused absence by officers from:

    1. One Executive Board meeting

    2. One General Body meeting

    3. One organization sponsored event 

More than one unexcused absence from any of these can call for disciplinary action resulting in removal from office.


  1. Emergency Meetings 

  2. Emergency Executive Board or General Body meetings shall be called by the President and/or the Executive Board. Emergency General Body meetings will be determined by majority vote of the Executive Board.

  3. An emergency meeting shall be a meeting called 24 hours without written notice.

  4. Attendance to emergency meetings is required for Executive Board members


Article 8 - Amendments

  1. The articles of this constitution may be amended, repealed, or altered, in whole or in part, by a 2/3 vote of the members.

    1. Written notice of all proposed constitutional changes shall be furnished to each member in a timely fashion.

  2. A mandatory review of the constitution should take place before the start of each semester in order to determine any amendments that may need to be made.

  3. If any amendments are made to the constitution by decision of the Executive Board, general body members must be notified within 24 hours and given access to the amended constitution.


ARTICLE 9:  Supremacy Clause

  1. The Hispanic Student Association at Appalachian State University agrees to follow all Appalachian State University, State, and Federal laws and policies.



ARTICLE 10: Non-Discrimination

  1. No student will be excluded from membership or participation on the basis of their race, color, religious status or historic religious affiliation, sex, national origin, age, political affiliation, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.




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